Lika is a twin who grew up in a family with lots of love and trust, in the climate where selfless service of humanity was a daily way of life, in Yugoslavia in 1969. Since her infancy she has been supported in many of her activities, creativities and interests and she also has been flirting with the body postures, of course, not knowing back then that these flirts are the oldest known flirts between body and soul.

Many years later she began with intense practice of asanas, pranayama and other Hatha Kriya Kundalini-Tantra Yoga techniques and after seven years of daily, devoted and self disciplined practice and after longtime of self study and research of Yoga science, she decided to complete a Yoga Teacher Training 700+hr (incl. Yoga Nidra ™) in the Sivananda tradition.
She completed a training in Thai Massage and Reflexology in Chiang Mai, Thailand as well.

A vast experience gained from her own practice, longtime teaching, a couple of more or less intensive retreats based on Hatha and/or Kundalini Yoga and a series of lectures at the TTC in Germany made her an advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher.

Her interest in understanding the truth behind dry appearances and love of metaphysic, mysticism, philosophy, psychology, creativity, literature, natural sciences, third eye, the connection between man and the Universe, both physical and occult anatomy of humans date back to her early age. The value of healthy nutrition and living a free life were one of her interests a long time ago as well. Her secondary school education has started with gymnasium and in molecular biology and biochemistry, and over the study of biology and physics, she has graduated from the University of Art, Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade, Serbia.

One of her interests in the last years is as well Ayurveda.

However, she believes that the best education is gained by own effort on the Journey.
Lika is a lover of nature and has great experience in life in nature under a clear sky. She does not eat anything and anyone what/who has a nervous system. She has organized several charity events.

She is not a member of any Yoga sect or a religious organization.
She believes in people and their infinite but hidden energy potential.
Every person is a treasure.

Her classes are the fusion of all these.
She happily share her life with all those interested in the authenticity and value of one’s own life and self.

Beside her parents and her twin brother there is no specific person who has influenced her life but there is a huge number of great brains and hearts on Earth and consciousness all over.

Still favorite book on Yoga: Paratrisika Vivarana

The entire website as well as her blog are reflexions of her personal experience on thinking, doing, learning, listening, playing and life in general.