As of May 7 the new location for the classes:


Mondays at 6 pm.

Duration: 105-120 min.

Monthly Card:  52€

Drop-In: 16€

Trial Class: 10€



A classical Hatha Yoga class mainly consists of pranayama (the breathing techniques), asanas (the body postures), relaxation and mediation.

Asanas in this school are performed slow and deep with short break between each asana. Pranayama techniques include mudras and bandhas. The meditation (concentration) techniques differ from class to class, sometimes it will be the purification of the heart chakra, the other class concentrated gazing at the candle flame (Trataka).

Each class begins laying on the back (Shavasana) and ends in the same posture. The warming-up movements, the sun salutation (Surya Namaskara, surya-sun, namaskar-salutation) and the asanas are performed in a non-comparative climate and with variations, according to student’s possibilities. The moon salutation (Chandra Namaskar) is practiced at least two times a month.

There are no two identical spines in the world and no body is build like the other.
Following and respecting this truth, during a class to each practitioner will be given a individual and exact advice how to perform the body posture according to architecture of his body. This will help each practitioner to let his energy flow in its most authentic way and it will protect him from unnecessary injuries. Inadequate performing of postures lead to injuries of both the musculoskeletal and mind system.    

The classes are held in small groups in a very quiet and pleasant atmosphere.
The practice of hatha yoga is a beautiful and at the same time an intimate practice. Just deeply relaxed mind can get to its real nature.

Practicing in the group has many advantages, it encourages people and inspires one another, it builds trust, confidence, authenticity, the consistency is greater and humor is unavoidable. 🙂
This school doesn’t offer private lessons.


The teaching in this yoga school is based on the original roots of the traditional Hatha Yoga, and the root of traditional Hatha Yoga is Tantra which is the ancient science and the path of a human being to his highest powers, creative forces and an fully open heart.

Shiva, „the father of Yoga“. The original tradition of Hatha Yoga follows the same sequence of the Shiva’s teachings.

Shiva, „the father of Yoga“. The original tradition of Hatha Yoga follows the same sequence of the Shiva’s teachings. Shiva Nataraja, “Lord of Dance”.

The science of Tantra sees the manifestation of the Soul happened in a certain sequence.

Hatha Yoga is part of Tantra and it sees the manifestation of the Soul in exactly the same turn as Tantra, which, on the physic and psychoenergetic level begins with the crown of the head and moves down to the navel center, from gross matter to the subtle.

This sequence of asanas with plenty variations has brought to me transformation and beauty and this is the sequence that is practiced in this school.

I recommend you a regular practice.